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A simple game with a little excitement trying not to wake daddy! It's cute and he loves Love the game when I was a kid and love it as a parent now. Read more.

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Do your parents complain that it's hard to wake you up? Trying to wake up someone who wets the bed can be hard — the person just stays asleep. That's because kids who are anxious about wetting the bed might not sleep much or only .

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Problems may include waking up during the night, not wanting to go to sleep, Many parents find their toddler's bedtime to be the hardest part of the day. Try to handle your child's needs before bedtime so that he doesn't use them to avoid .

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Bedtime just becomes another arena in which kids will try to fight with you. If you've ruled out fear of the dark, fear of bedwetting, and fear of not waking up, that .

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Many parents fight battles trying to get their kids out of bed in the morning. Stop the madness “My Kid Won't Get Out of Bed” Stop the Morning Madness Now. I know my silverware drawer looks like there is no divider being used. There is a reason I bought bins for all of my plastic instead of trying to find cupboard space .